About Me

Vrind.be was created as a way for me to share my love of gambling and casinos with a worldwide audience. As a 25-year-old resident of Edinburgh, I needed to find an outlet for my interests after completing my graduate degree. I’ve always had great interest architecture —specifically with a focus on casinos and other gambling venues.

I find the architecture of large casinos to be particularly interesting. How these places manage to use their space and amenities to the best of their abilities is impressive and inspiring. Vrind.be is an avenue for me to share my knowledge of large, beautiful casinos with others who also have a love of gambling venues. Not only am I able to share information with a wonderful community, but this website is also a springboard for me to reach out to like-minded people. Edinburgh is not exactly a hot spot for gambling or world class casinos, so my opportunities to for discussing architecture, and especially casino architecture, is limited. Vrind.be allows me to continue growing and stoking my knowledge of casinos and their incredible architecture.